How the Ladies Hash Works

Meeting Time

LH4 meet every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm for a run of approximately one hour following a marked trail which also has false trails with the aim (if set properly) to slow down the front runners while they check to find the real trail. This (in theory) keeps the pack together.


We start at a different location every week.  At the end of the run, drinks are provided on site.  This is a mixture of beer, water, and soft drinks.

The Run

Usually two members (hares) set the run in chalk and flour. This can be starting and finishing in the same spot (A to A) or starting at one point and finishing elsewhere (A to B) in which case the hares arrange for the bags to be transported to B. Run duration should be 1 hour with the whole pack coming in within minutes of each other if the checks have been set properly.


We have a mix of fit runners, not so fit and walkers - all are welcome. We are an adults only hash (ladies and men) and ages range from 20s to 75. More important than fitness, is a willingness to leave all traumas and troubles behind for a few hours and have a few laughs.


Standard jogging gear, plus torch, mozzie spray and water to carry on the run.

Joining Fees
On On

Male Visitor Fee: $50

Female Visitor Fee: $40

The membership fee is $550 for 6 months and $1000 for an annual membership. Those that pay for 6 months or a year and leave before their membership is due for renewal may, at the committee’s discretion, be given a refund. 

Anyone joining mid-year pays a pro-rata amount. Membership fees cover drinks after the run, the newsletter and various T-shirts and gifts at the Annual General Meeting in June.

After recovering from the exertions of the run we replenish the soul with food and drink either on site, at a restaurant or, when really lucky, some brave hares take us home for dinner - all organized by the hares who have set the run!! Where possible, vegetarians and other dietary needs will be catered for if the hares are advised in advance. All efforts are made to keep the cost.  The cost of dinner is shared between all attending.